April 14, 2017

Please click HERE for Consigli’s Weekly Update – Week of 4/16/17.

Please click HERE for the new WHS Logistics Plan for Phase 3 (June 2016 – September 2017) and HERE for the WHS Student Quick Guide!

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The Winchester High School Building Project is a  complex construction project, with three identified phases scheduled to take place over three years (2014-17).  Phase One of the construction began in June 2014 and the final phase is expected to be completed by September 2017.

As with every construction project, the scope, design, and costs are all subject to change as the project progresses.  This website contains primary planning and design materials dating from the earliest days of the project before the current site was selected.  They include terms like “preliminary design” and “final design,” which are terms of art used in the design and construction industries and have specific meaning within those industries.  These documents on this website reflect a fluid work-in-progress and an ever-evolving design and should not be construed to be “final” as they are subject to modification.

The Winchester Educational Facilities Planning & Building Committee (EFPBC) is responsible for overseeing the building project and will, together with Skanska, the project manager, continue to keep residents informed regarding the project status through this website, email updates and community meetings.  Residents are encouraged to stay engaged and to provide input throughout the process.  Please feel free to submit questions or comments to winchesterhsquestions@gmail.com.