Landscape Plantings

by WHS Project on October 21, 2015

The landscape plantings for the new Winchester High School facility have been designed to complement and reinforce the architecture and site. A variety of large deciduous canopy trees have been introduced to define the roadway edges and interior vehicular circulation, while at the same time serving as vegetative buffer to the neighborhoods. A series of smaller canopy trees and flowering trees will highlight and accent pedestrian areas, plazas and outdoor classrooms.  Small groupings of evergreens will strategically to screen the loading dock area. Shrub material will be concentrated and utilized in areas close to the building and within planters to provide the greatest impact and minimize maintenance. The selection of plant material was predicated on using a majority of native species, material which will provide a variety of spring and fall colors, diverse texture and form. All the material once established should require a minimum of maintenance and will provide a sense of place while integrated to the larger community.

The installation of the plant material is anticipated in Phase 3 of the project (essentially toward the end). This will allow the Architect and Contractor to select the optimal material at the nurseries, and provide them onsite and ready for installation when seasonally appropriate. This all so ensures that the material is protected from the ongoing construction activities, which could diminish the health and vigor of the trees, shrubs and lawn areas.

Here are two sample design renderings showing the type of landscaping to be introduced (note that the final design will vary from these images):

WHS front  WinchesterHS-21

Peter Lukacic, ASLA, Senior Associate/Manager, SMMA

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