Educational Program

Schematic Design Report, August 2013

The Schematic Design meets an Educational Program developed for the needs of today’s students. District Administration, High School faculty and staff met extensively with members of the design team in developing this Program. The team affirms that the design supports Winchester’s instructional program.

2.3.1 Grade and School Configuration Policy
Winchester High School’s Schematic Design facilitates education of students in grades nine through twelve by providing all resources necessary for 1,370 students. The community prides itself on providing a diverse program to meet the needs of all students. This is reflected in the school’s mission statement which expresses the values and the importance of critical thinking, creativity, and effective communication to residents. The school is proud of its many academic accomplishments and of its reputation within the community as a strong college preparatory school with equally high academic, social, and civic expectations.
2.3.2 Class Size Policy
Winchester High School’s Schematic Design allows the administration to keep class size manageable to optimize learning for all students. The core academic areas of English, foreign language, mathematics, science and social studies are designed to accommodate 24 to 28 students. In the elective areas of art, computer education, family and consumer science and technology/engineering class sizes can range from 22 to 28. Music and physical education spaces can accommodate a robust program of multiple classes in the high twenties.

2.3.3 Scheduling Methodology
Winchester High School’s Schematic Design accommodates a modified block schedule – a seven day cycle with five 67 minutes blocks and two blocks dropped per day. Classes can meet five (5) days in the seven (7) day cycle. The school day
can begin at 7:45 AM and end at 2:15 PM. The food service aSchematic rea is designed to provide three (3) lunches per day which meets the expected increase in enrollment.

The Winchester High School Schedule
7:45 – 8:52 BLOCK 1
8:57 – 10:04 BLOCK 2
10:09 – 11:16 BLOCK 3
11:21 – 1:03 BLOCK 4 (Design accommodates three lunches)
1:08 – 2:15 BLOCK 5

The academic year is divided into two (2) semesters, with full year courses earning five (5) credits and half-year courses earning 2.5 credits. The master schedule of classes is completed by one of the assistant principals in conjunction with the guidance department and every effort is made to ensure that students get the courses they registered for. The departmental directors group is responsible for annual review of the Student Guide and Course of Studies and any changes in the

Graduation Requirements
Students must earn a total of 110 credits and include the following minimum course requirements:
 English: 4 years (including 2.5 credits of Writing Lab)
 Social Studies: 3 years (World History I & II; US History)
 Science: 2 years (a physical science and biology)
 Mathematics: 2 years
 Fine/Applied Arts: 1 year
 Wellness: 4 years (one semester each Year)
Note: The 2012 – 2013 school year, the Winchester High School faculty will review
graduation requirements to ensure alignment with the Common Core State Standards.