NOTE – The Phasing has changed since the August 2013 Schematic Design Report.  Please read the Updated Entry Alternative and Phasing for the current phasing plan.


Schematic Design Report, August 2013

The construction will be undertaken in three primary phases that will include some initial enabling work to take advantage of the summer schedule.

The First Phase will be the construction of the administration wing and the commons and media center with the renovation of the first academic wing, followed by Phase Two, which includes the renovation of the remaining two academic wings. Phase Three includes the renovation of the Auditorium, Gymnasium and locker rooms and the construction of the music suite. Temporary classrooms are required during all three phases, however the addition of the administration suite during Phase One allows additional classrooms to become available sooner, thereby reducing the overall number of modular classrooms.

The project will utilize the CM @ Risk construction methodology, maximizing the potential of this process by delivering early construction packages tailored to the overall phased construction schedule. The Committee, design team and OPM have reviewed and refined the construction phasing plans to ensure a construction process that is safe, mitigates impacts to the students, teachers and staff, and allows for the continuous operation of the school facility.

Working with the CM, the team will develop early packages to allow the true phases to progress as quickly as possible. These early packages are anticipated to include site prep, pile driving, temporary classroom and early steel.

PHASE 1: Construct New Admin Wing, Commons, Media Center and Renovate Wing Afirst floor phase 1
June 2014 to August 2015

During Phase 1 the construction access will be from the existing south side of the building around Wing A, the displaced classrooms will be located in the modulars to the northwest and the temporary school entrance will be between the Auditorium and the Gym. Construction will be focused on the demolition and renovation of Wing A, the administration addition next to the Auditorium, the construction of the dining commons and kitchen, and the new media center located on the floor above. New sprinklers including fire pump, boilers and electrical service will be installed during Phase 1 while the original equipment is in place. New rooftop equipment will be installed as each wing and addition is constructed. The construction area will be separated from the rest of the school with temporary partitions to provide security and help control dust and noise. Phase 1 work will proceed through the fall, winter and spring through the following summer including all site work on the south side of the site.

PHASE 2: Renovate Wings B & CFirst Floor Phase 2
June 2015 to August 2016

Phase 2 will begin during the start of the second summer with the abatement and selective demolition of academic Wings B and C. When school opens in the fall the new entrance, administration, media center, dining commons and kitchen will be functioning. Classrooms will still be located in the modular buildings with access through the courtyard between the Auditorium and Gymnasium. All new work will be connected to the new sprinkler system, HVAC equipment and electrical service as it is completed. The remaining existing equipment in the basement will be removed during Phase 2, and only the insulation and ventilation required for the existing basement and crawlspace will remain at completion. Construction access will be from the north east and work will be separated from the occupied portions of the school during fall winter and the following spring. Phase 2 work will be completed during the third summer

PHASE 3: Renovate Auditorium, Gymnasium and locker rooms and Construct new music suiteFirst Floor Phase 3
June 2016 to August 2017

Phase 3 will begin during the third summer. Abatement work in the Gymnasium and Auditorium will occur during the summer and renovation on the remaining portions will begin thereafter. The modular classrooms will be demounted and the site work on the northwest of the site will become the last construction access point. The entire academic portion of the school will be complete including the entrance, kitchen and dining facilities, media center and all classroom wings. The construction access will be from the west side of the site with the most intense work areas in the auditorium and the lower level of the gymnasium. The existing boiler plant will be removed and the basement level infilled for the new custodial area. Any other areas on the lower level not completed during the previous enabling phases will be completed during Phase 3. The Auditorium will be reconstructed during Phase 3 including a new acoustic separation wall facing the train tracks, enlarged fly-loft above the stage, and all new interior acoustic treatment. Phase 3 will be complete by the end of the fourth summer including all remaining sitework, utility connections and final occupancy testing and commissioning.


Exterior of Portables

Exterior of Portables

Portable Interiors

Portable Interiors