Looking Forward To Rebuilding WHS

by WHS Project on December 21, 2013

Fellow Winchester Residents,

On December 10, our community made a far-reaching decision:  we will rebuild our High School!

Passage of the override has secured approximately $45 million in funding from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  The EFPBC (Educational Facilities Planning and Building Committee) has already begun its next phase of work, which is final building design and the hiring of a construction manager.  Construction will commence as early as this summer, and we can all anticipate a completed project by September of 2017!

We should take pride in our robust voter turnout.  Among the 24 communities that held elections on December 10, Winchester was a standout, with participation breaking 50%.   Within that high turnout, the Winchester voters expressed their preference to move forward with the high school by a margin of more than two to one (68% favorable).

In the months leading up to the election, we did our best to provide information to the community about the need for the high school project.  With its vote, the community has approved an unprecedented financial investment in a facility that is a cornerstone of our community – both physically and educationally.  We believe the vote was a demonstration that our residents value a strong education system and  long-term financial decision-making, which in turn result in strong property values.

We now owe a commitment to all residents:

  • To complete the high school project on-time and on or under budget;
  • To engage the community in those decisions that remain to be made in the project’s design;
  • To inform the community of the progress of the project and its impact on students, staff and neighbors; and
  • To be good stewards of tax dollars, striving to provide excellent town services and maintain town assets with respect for the taxpayers’ wallets.

We are inspired by the community’s overwhelming support for this project.  We are eager for the next steps, and hope you join us in anticipating the exciting months ahead!


Doug Marmon, Chairman, Board of Selectmen
Bob Deering, Chairman, EFPBC
Michael Schindelman, Chairman, School Committee

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