New Casino Slots – new life

The interest of Jose Martinez is appreciated regarding the concerns of surrounding towns about the impacts a Slot Barn at Plainridge will cause.

Omitted from consideration are several issues.

Much like ‘traffic studies’ conducted elsewhere, they always seem to be conducted during the slowest traffic periods available, creating a disingenuous projection. In essence, creating a failed roadway from inception.
The traffic study in Plainville was conducted away from Stadium events and holiday shopping.

The traffic study in Middleboro was conducted on Route 44 during school vacation when the road seemed abandoned, unlike to customary condition of the clogged Rotary and long lines of vacationers traveling to Plymouth and the Cape. [The pattern in each study has been identical, with no one challenging the lack of candor.]

Getting casino expirience

It is known that ‘back roads’ through residential neighborhood will become heavily traveled, which was raised regarding the Taunton project as well. With GPS, intoxicated patrons will find themselves on narrow residential streets, not highways.

Foxborough already endures the consequences of DRUNKS filling their roads.

Future planned expansion is ignored.
During one of the Gam[bl]ing Commission’s educational forums, the experts discussed that it is already planned that table games would be added to Plainridge.

In other words, it is known that Plainridge will become a full fledgedcasino…..well….without any ‘amenities.’ Simply a glorified Slot Barn.

Businesses expand. That’s one of the biggest problems with the Gambling Industry, never content with current profits, as well as states that have overstated projections that fail to materialize, as the PEW study revealed.

In addition, the financial solvency of a money-losing enterprise is significant.

Caesars’ entire cash flow goes to debt payments, information available from experience elsewhere.

Plainridge has lost money for 12 years, subsidized by ‘investors,’information concealed from public scrutiny, salivating to suck discretionary income from the local economy. Clearly they want their ‘investment’repaid.

This isn’t ‘economic development,’ nor is it ‘job creation.’

Slot Barns cater solely to LOCAL GAMBLING ADDICTS, as Parx clearly revealed.

Mr. Pionkowski has been un-neighborly so far, intimidating an opponent with a SLAP suit and otherwise intimidating abutters which defines his tactics. Do you think his future behavior will change? What a pity since he has such nice hair!